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Tributes from Family, Friends, Colleagues & Countrypeople

Excerpts from the Handwritten Manuscript of Zohra Tajuddin part1 and part2  on her husband Tajuddin Ahmad. The manuscript is part of a memoir which was published in Dainik Bangla.Dhaka.1972.

Selected sections from Zohra Tajuddin’s memoir of 1971. “Birer E Rakta Srot.” published in weekly Bichitra (special Eid edition). Dhaka. 1992

Tribute by eldest daughter, Sharmin Ahmad Reepi, to her father on his birthday. “Muktijuddher kandari Tajuddin: Kannar Abhibadon.”Thikana.

New York. 2006.

Tribute by second daughter, Simeen Hussain Rimi, to her father on his birthday. “Tajuddin Ahmad: Janmadiner Sraddhargo”. Prothom Alo.Dhaka.2006.

Tribute by youngest daughter, Mahjabeen Ahmad Mimi, to her father on his birthday. “Recalling Tajuddin Ahmad: Illuminated by the Gleam of Work He Left Behind.” The Daily Star. Dhaka.1998.

This Feature Article was written and presented by Alimuddin (Member Secretary-Progressive Forum) at a seminar in New York, organized by Progressive Forum on the occasion of Tajuddin Ahmad’s 81st birth anniversary.2006.

Syed Badrul Ahsan
, Executive Editor of Dhaka Courier. “Ground Realities: The Life and Principles of Tajuddin Ahmad.” The Daily Star:Dhaka.2006.

Dr. Atiur Rahman. “Recalling Our First Prime Minister–Tribute to Tajuddin Ahmad on his 79th birth anniversary.”On line publication. :Dhaka.2004.

 Writer and playwright Akhter Hossain reflects on Tajuddin Ahmad’s unprecedented  vow of foregoing family life till the liberation of Bangladesh.


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