Reflections of people from all walks of life about Tajuddin Ahmad

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May 7 2008

Reflection by Alber Mondle

Dear Sharmin:

I hope you don’t mind my addressing this way BECAUSE first, I am an octogenarian, and second, my granddaughter’s name is also Sharmin [Rahman (Leena).]

Thank you for your e-mail expressing “heartfelt gratitude.” You didn’t have to do that but you apparently have inherited your Dad’s mental faculty I see. Although I don’t normally indulge in politics, I knew that your Dad did have immense contribution during the Liberation War. However, I was not aware of SO MUCH as has been expressed in Mr. Abu Saeed’s article, and also in Prof. Nurul Islam’s article which I have this morning typed for Dr. Mizan and sent him for onward transmission to you.

You deserve a salute from me for your untiring efforts to have your Dad’s unselfish contributions towards emancipation of Bangladesh and thereafter trying to unveil the musks of bad elements in Bangabandhu’s coterie which he unknowingly ignored or misunderstood. The facts being included in your website through articles written by “third” persons closely associated with him during the Liberation War, you are in fact contributing towards enlightening the general mass including the new generation, and the next generations to come, to understand the true patriotic role your dear Dad played, and sacrificed his life for. If your Dad’s warnings and suggestions were heeded to, Bangabandhu himself would not have met with such an ill-fated death together with his entire family.

Keep up the spirit, and I wish you the best. My dear friend Mizan talks a lot about you. He is doing a tremendous job translating published articles, and I feel it my pleasure, or should I say bounden duty, to give him a quick turnout of his handwritten texts in a typed form for onward transmission to you. God has blessed me with a supersonic speed on the keyboard.

Take care, and may God bless you.

Uncle Mondle

April 24, 2008

Tajuddin wears the Glorious Crown of Achievement

During the 9 month of liberation war in 1971, the absence of the number 1 leader of 75 million Bangladeshi was filled by another number 1 .The first number-1 leader was Mr. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the creator and founder of an independent Bangladesh. The successor was Mr. Tajuddin Ahmad.
….In 1971 we lacked many things but not the leadership of Tajuddin Ahmad. Without Tajuddin Ahmad, the nation would have faced many more difficulties, and the freedom achieved in 9 months would have been a longer journey. Let the glorious crown (Taj)shine on his head for meeting the nation’s expectations.
Akhtar Hossain
Toronto, Canada

Mr. Hossain, a writer and newspaper columnist for weekly Deshe Bideshe has served as a Freedom Fighter for Bangladesh Liberation in 1971
April 15?

Tajuddin was the Pearl of Bangladesh Politics

Hello Reepi,

Last saturday(12/4/08) in Sydney,the Bengali community celebrated Pohela Boishakh[Bengali New Year]…Close to my place called Tempe park, was the venue. I hired a stall to sell Rimi’s books on Tajuddin Ahmad and also a newly published Ph.D thesis on Tajuddin Ahmad by Kamal Hossain[He has attained a doctorate degree from Rajshahi university,Bangladesh and different from lawyer-politician Kamal Hossain] I did not have enough books in my stock but my intention was,to let the people come and visit my stall and read something on Tajuddin Ahmad.I noticed the young students visiting my stall and asking me so many questions. One young visitor asked me, “why do you sell only Tajuddin’s books?” I replied…”Tajuddin was the Pearl of Bangladesh politics.I only sell Pearl.Tajuddin was a people loving leader.He was a social worker at his early life and as a politician,he made great contributions to the nation, yet he kept himself hidden like a pearl.”He was satisfied with my answer.
Reepi, can you write a book on Tajuddin Ahmad in English? So many people have been asking for their children.
Bulbul bhai(Muzibur Rahman Khan).

Mr. Khan is an engineer by profession and involved with a variety of humanitarian works.He began his career at a Bata shoe company in Bangladesh,where he worked closely with O.U.S Ouderland,the only non Bangladeshi , who was awarded a Bir Protik for his gallantry as a freedom fighter, in 1971.

April 15?

Tajuddin Ahmad:The Architect of Independent Bangladesh

Thank you Sharmin, for sharing this rare and live experiences[interviews] of the responsible officials who saw the sterling personality of Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmad…My initial feeling is, the Bengali nation needs to know more about the nation’s real architect, who planned and implemented the nationhood of today’s Bangladesh,a unique creation of South East Asia, a viable emerging force of tomorrow’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Wa ma Tawfiqi illah Billah,

Yours brother,
Hafizur Rahman


Mr. Rahman,is a Certified Public Accountant.He has established a variety of charity projects and works to promote good governance.As a student he participated in the Independence Movement of Bangladesh and was a Secretary of Dhanmondi chapter of Sangram Parishad.
Tajuddin’s web site


Dear Reepi,

We met in November 2006 in L.A. I was very impressed at your eloquent  presentation that evening. This morning, when I opened the site you created and visited every picture posted, read your introduction and comments of so many people who were close to your father, I traveled back to those days of 1971 and the period following the independence of our beloved country of birth…For a while, I became emotional…

As you know, I was a freedom fighter and spent most of my time in  Mujibnagar (8 Theatre Street, Calcutta) working in the “Planning Cell”. Your dad was our “Neta” as we used to call him. He was the leader of the leader. I became familiar with his intellect and his meticulous attention to details first hand in Mujibnagar Government and later in the Planning Commission, which was my first job in the brand new Government of Bangladesh. Bangabondhu’s cabinet and the entire Secretariat at that time were loaded with talents, but there was no difference of opinion about Tajuddin Ahmed being the most learned and the most efficient Minister.

You have done a great job creating this site. Please keep updating it. Your father’s soul is around you and I am sure you must have seen that eternal glory in his face when he used to smile in pure happiness. Please let us know when you are coming to the West Coast again; we would love to host you.



Wali I. Mondal, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Business and Management
National University –
President and Conference Chair, ASBBS
Editor-in-Chief, JBBS