Recalling Tajuddin Ahmad: Daughter Sharmin’s interview with Voice of America

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Sharmin Ahmad recalls the Determination of Her Father, the First Prime Minister of Bangladesh
By Iqbal Bahar Choudhury


Interview with Sharmin Ahmad – Download (MP3) audio clip
Interview with Sharmin Ahmad – Listen to (MP3) audio clip

Sharmin Ahmad

Sharmin Ahmad , the daughter of Tajuddin Ahmad , the first Prime Minister of the exiled government of Bangladesh , in this exclusive interview with VOA Bangla Service, recalls the genesis of the government.

It was Tajuddin’s intelligence and sagacity which brought Bangladesh into being. Tajuddin Ahmed’s dedication for his motherland, his superb planning and his unbending vows to free his country from the clutches of the neo-colonial power brought a dream into reality.

Sharmin also talks about her father’s meeting with the then Prime Minister of India Mrs Indira Gandhi who took positive initiatives to help Bangladesh gain freedom . Sharmin has been living in the USA since early eighties. She is a social worker, a woman activist and person who is involved in multi-faith activities