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Hasan Mahmud‘s poem “Bangladesh” brings back the poignant memories of 1971.The heroic role Tajuddin played, in uniting the nation to a glorious victory against injustice and falsehood, is captured in his poem.

During almost the entire period of the liberation war Tajuddin Ahmad had only one shirt to wear. He ate little, spoke less and worked harder than ever. His whole heart and mind were set on liberating Bangladesh.  Award winning documentary film directorTanvir Mokammel depicts Tajuddin’s devotion through his poem “Tajuddiner Shirt.”

Sharmin Ahmad Reepi composed this poem “Teshora November: Babake Mone Kore”on her father’s final departure anniversary. First published in Sachitra Sandhani. Dhaka.1984.

Lutfar Rahman Riton’s poem “Tajuddin Swadhinatar Itihasher Taj”is colored with many facets of Tajuddin Ahmad. His abbreviated name Taj, which means crown, was indeed crowned with victory. He is the crown of our history of Bangladesh liberation, as depicted in the poem.


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