Dr.Mizan Rahman Addresses Los Angeles Event Commemorating November 3

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Dr Mizan Rahman, adviser of Tajuddin Ahmad Foundation in Canada, was invited by California Awami League,on November 8-08 to address Jail Hotta Dibosh.

On November 3,1975, Bangladesh lost its four golden sons at the hands of the assasins. The assasins  defied the laws of the nation, all civilized norms and entered Dhaka central jail,fully armed. Syed Nazrul Islam,the acting President of the first cabinet of the Government of  People’s Republic of Bangladesh,Tajuddin Ahmad, first Prime Minister and organizer of Bangladesh liberation, Captain Mansur Ali and Abu Hena Quamruzzaman,cabinet ministers of the first government (widely known as the ‘Mujibnagar Sarkar’) were rounded up and murdered. The assasins poured several rounds of bullets on the unarmed and innocent victims. November 3, is commemorated, every year as a day of tragedy and national shame .

In a gathering of more than two hundred people, Dr.Rahman an internationally acclaimed mathematician and  a noted writer of Bangla literature, spoke about the significance of the event. In his  thought provoking lecture he raised key issues such as investing on our future by establishing institutions to promote freedom,justice and democracy and to promote the life and works of our national heores and martyrs whose ideals can still guide our younger generation. Such institutions,inspired by higher ideals, he said, will be true tributes in honoring our heroes and martyrs.

Tajuddin Ahmad: An Unsung Hero, the widely acclaimed documentary on the life and works of Tajuddin Ahmad, directed by Tanvir Mokammel,was screened following the event.


Tajuddin Ahmad Foundation: A Beacon of Light for Our Progeny

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Tajuddin Ahmad Foundation  was envisioned and initiated in 2007 by Aklima Sarkar,a woman of   vision,courage and spirit, in Montreal,Canada. Ms.Sarkar and the Foundation’s President, (author and researcher of Bangladesh war of liberation and freedom fighter of 1971) Mr.Tajul Mohammad had  travelled to Bangladesh this year on behalf of the Foundation to initiate meaningful  human development projects. The Foundation has purchased and distributed two thousands and five hundred books on Bangladesh liberation amongs students in various academic institutions in  many parts of  Bangladesh. The Foundation has launched a scholarship program for the disadvantaged students in Bangladesh and taken steps to spread literacy programs through youth initiatives.


Moyeedul Hasan:Jail hatta:Astacholer Path

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Simeen Hossain Rimi: Jail Hatta:Tarunner Shakti O Tajuddin Ahmad

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News Bangla Features The Launching of the Website

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তাজউদ্দীন আহমেদ স্মারক ওয়েবসাইটের উদ্বোধন
রায়হান আহমদ
বৃহস্পতিবার, ২৪ জুলাই ২০০৮
  এ দেশের অনাগত প্রজন্ম প্রধান মন্ত্রী তাজউদ্দীন আহমদের সুমহান বীরত্ব ও ত্যাগের কীর্তির মাঝে সামনে এগোবার সাহসী প্রেরণা ও শক্তি খুঁজে পাবে তা বলার অপেক্ষা রাখে না। গতকাল ছিল বাংলাদেশের প্রথম প্রধান মন্ত্রী তাজউদ্দীন আহমেদ তিরাশিতম জন্মদিন। দিনটিকে বিশেষভাবে স্মরণীয় করে রাখার জন্য তাঁর সুযোগ্য কন্যা শারমিন আহমেদ তাঁর বাবাকে নিয়ে তৈরী করা ওয়েবসাইটটির উদ্বোধন করেছেন। সদ্য প্রকাশিত তাজউদ্দীন আহমেদ স্মারক ওয়েবসাইটেগিয়ে এদেশের ইতিহাসের এই অমর সন্তানকে শ্রদ্ধাঞ্জলী জানাতে আমরা নিউজ বাংলার পাঠকদের সনির্বন্ধ অনুরোধ জানাই।এদেশের মুক্তিযুদ্ধে তাঁর অনবদ্য সাহসী নেতৃত্বের জন্য বাংলাদেশের স্থপতি হিসেবে তিঁনি চিরকাল স্মরণীয় ও বরণীয় হয়ে থাকবেন। নিউজ বাংলার পক্ষ থেকে তাজউদ্দীন আহমেদকে স্মরণে একটি প্রতিবেদন প্রকাশ করা হয় এ বছরের এপ্রিলের পঁচিশ তারিখে।  আমাদের আগামী প্রজন্মকে ইতিহাস সচেতন নাগরিক হিসেবে গড়ে তুলতে এই ওয়েবসাইটটি অবদান রাখবে বলে আমরা আশা করি।




Press Release: A Daughter’s Tribute: The Website Launches on July 23, 2008

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A  Daughter’s Tribute to Our Guiding Light Tajuddin Ahmad

By Sharmin Ahmad

Tajuddin Ahmad and the birth of Bangladesh are interwoven in the collective memory of people who are in harmony with truth and justice. As his birthday on 23 July approaches, when he would have been 83 years old, if he were alive, a question looms large. How would Bangladesh look like if he had lived a few more years to lead and guide his beloved nation? He was a natural leader, endowed with the rare humane qualities of humility, compassion, committment, integrity and a bird’s eye vision to take Bangladesh to its new height. The nine glorious months of our liberation war is a testimony to his able leadership of gigantic scope and breadth. His untimely death, at the the hands of the assassins, was not only a national loss but it also cast a shadow of  hopelessness on the national psyche. Tajuddin was a rare breed of a leader in the ocean of moral bankruptcy whose ideals can still guide our nation to peace and prosperity. On Mahatma Gandhi’s death (January 30,1948), twenty two year old student-activist Tajuddin wrote in his journal, ‘The man  whom we mourn today was one who travelled his long way through darkness to light. Sometimes he had to hover in the darkness for light. he searched for light and lo! he himself was a light. A light can’t be destroyed. What of that! The Pole star though unimaginably distant from us is always and the only guide for the people of ages in the dark arctic region.’
Little did young Tajuddin know as he wrote that particular entry,that one day, he would be destined to guide Bangladesh during the nine months of liberation war and lead it to victory. Just as he said, ‘A Light can’t be destroyed,’ noble deeds and ideals are that inextinguishable light to guide us forever. Tajuddin, like all great world leaders, masters and seers, was such an immortal light.

On his birthday, I welcome you, dear reader, to take a glimpse of the website,(www.tajuddinahmad.com) which celebrates the life and works of this great leader who was larger than life itself.


Tajuddin is a role model for all Bangladeshi patriots

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11 January, 2008 Text and News  by  Kamrul Ahsan Khan |

Mostaque Hussain (husband of Rimi), Kamrul Ahsan Khan and Shimin Hussain Rimi


Simin Hussain Rimi, daughter of the Late Tajuddin Ahmed, first Prime minister of Bangladesh, came to Canberra last Sunday to speak in the ongoing series titled Itihash Kotha Koy  – History Speaks.

The initiative was born out of concern over attempts to distort and destroy Bangladesh’s history.  After decades of such distortion, the time has come to fearlessly speak the truth and reinstate pride at the core of our national psyche. It was also born out of a belief that a nation misled by lies, ruined by immorality and corruption will never be able to stand up as a sovereign, self-dependant and confident power.

Simin Hussain’s speech reminiscing the life and politics of Tajuddin Ahmed provided the perfect role model for a patriot who would inspire a new generation of leadership.  She recalled how her father led a simple lifestyle and was willing to commit himself to the cause of liberation and Bangladesh at the cost of spending less time with his family.

Rimi said that Tajuddin’s commitment was unwavering even in the face of conspiracies hatched by Khandakar Mushtaque and his cohorts. Reminding the audience that the same people killed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family, Rimi said it is imperative that the nation learns from history on how to identify friend and foe.

But, she lamented that Tajuddin’s contribution has not been properly evaluated until now and the time has come to reveal the story of Tajuddin to inspire a new generation to fight the reactionary, communal and anti-liberation forces in Bangladesh.  Rimi also quoted from her book “Itihasher Pata Theke”, a compilation of Tajuddin’s speeches.

It was a great opportunity for the local community to meet Rimi and hear her stories of how her father led the liberation movement to success. It was his unique quality as a great organizer and an inspirational leader which helped the leaders of the interim government in 1971 to lead the liberation forces in the absence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Local community leaders, who spoke after Rimi, said that visionary leaders like Tajuddin need to come forward to lead the nation.  Bangladeshis need to find intelligent and courageous individuals who need the people’s encouragement and support to achieve the nation’s demand.
The speakers urged listeners to not only focus on the corrupt in the country, but also recognize the honest and sincere leaders and activists in the country who can bring progress and prosperity.

They also said that it was the responsibility of the state and the public to research Tajuddin’s life which would have helped enlighten generations of Bangladeshis to use his example for their political lives.

The speakers also appreciated Simin Hussain Rimi’s efforts to compile Tajuddin’s life story in the form of his interviews, speeches, diaries and important highlights of his illustrious life.  She also took the courageous step of revealing the details of the jail killings by meeting and interviewing numerous jail mates of Tajuddin and jail officials.

This work is crucial in understanding the loss of Tajuddin to the national life and how the country has lost its desired direction after the assassination of Bangabandhu and the jail killings.

The community leaders said story of Tajuddin needs to be narrated at this crucial juncture for Bangladesh as the current leadership is inadequate in providing the vision and leadership to reach the dreams of an independent Bangladesh. Bangladesh needs courageous, dedicated, sincere and committed leaders like Tajuddin ahmed and speakers urge all social and political activist in Bangladesh and also non-resident Bangladeshi to uphold and follow Tajuddin Ahmed as role model in our patriotic work.

The discussion was moderated by Kamrul Ahsan Khan and was attended by a large presence from the local Bangladeshi community. Those participated in discussion programe were namely Mr Joinal Abedin, Dr Kamaluddin,Anamul Bhuiayan.Dr Nilufar Jahan. Sahadat  Hussain Manik,Dr Mainuddin, Nahida Bhuiyan, Dr Ajoy Kar, Dr Parag Das & Mr Mostaque.

Special thanks was given to Mr. and Mrs. Parag Das for hosting the event.

The discussion was followed by a screening of a documentary on the life of Tajuddin Ahmed titled “AN UNSUNG HERO” directed by Tanvir Mokammel. Few copies of the DVD were also distributed among the community members courtesy of priyoaustralia.com.au  Sahadat Manik.

The first discussion on the series paid respect to the Father of the Nation and tried to reveal the historical background of his assassination. The second installment in the series sought to engage the new generation in the future of Bangladesh and discussed the assassination of the four national leaders by right-wing and anti-liberation forces, backed by ‘foreign forces’, in November 1975.


Tajuddin Ahmad:the Architect and Creator of Bangladesh Liberation.

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June 6,2008.
The Daily Ittefaq reports on the book launching ceremony which was held at the Liberation War Museum in Dhaka,Bangladesh.
 Dr. Kamal Hossain, who is the associate professor of History at Rajshahi University has recently published a book of seven hundred pages, on the life and works of Tajuddin Ahmad. This book Tajuddin Ahmad:The Emergence of  Bangladesh and After  which was originally written for his Ph.d dissertation is a pioneer research work in the academic field and is published by Ankur Prakashan.
The panel at the book launching ceremony was chaired by Dr.Kamal Hossain(lawyer-politician)The panelists were, former advisor to the caretaker government Justice Habibur Rahman,Professor Syed Anwar Hussain, Director of Ankur Prakashan, Mesbahuddin Ahmed and the author Dr. Kamall Hossain. The panelists hailed Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the founder of the Liberation and Tajuddin Ahmad as the architect and creator of Bangladesh Liberation .