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Abu Sayeed Chowdhury(1996)shares his experience of working as the private secretary of Finance Minister Tajuddin Ahmad. He reminisces“Mr. Tajuddin was a man of great discipline. He did politics all his life yethe was extremely meticulous about discipline…..The unwavering respect and faith he had for the Rule ofLaw was unbelievable….Mr. Tajuddin was by nature a very truthful man ,as well as very frank and open to his close friends and associates while talking about his country. Paramount on his thoughts was always the good of Bangladesh…..I miss Mr. Tajuddin tremendously. I think he would have played a significant role in Bangladesh if he were alive today.”


Nurul Islam(1998,1999)former Deputy Chair of the First Planning Commission of Bangladesh,captures a remarakble adminstrator,a visionary planner,a just negotiator and a sagacious leader in Tajuddin Ahmad. He puts on record,” Mr. Tajuddin’s analysis,his masterful handling of points and counter points,his instincts, were by far the best…The truth of the matter is that Mr. Tajuddin was a fiercely patriotic man.He knew that we were too small to do anyting to a powerful country.We do not have that ability. But we do have our honor. We can’t and accept anyone’s pity,which is the messege he wanted to convey…His sharp intelligence and his ability to present things in a clear and succinct manner attracted other’s attention toward him…It was not just Mr. McNamara,but every foreign dignitary who ever came in contact with Mr. Tajuddin couldn’t leave but with a sense of admiration and deep respect for this man…On a purely humane level,undoubtedly,he was a man of high caliber.”


Ali Tareq(1991)had a unique opportunity of working with  Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmad during the war of liberation in 1971 and after the independence, as his Public Relation Officer.He gleans from a treasured past,”Tajuddin Ahmad,the First Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh,is a name that invokes the greatest respect in me. Tajuddin was more than a name.He was an important part of our history. I would go even further-he was history…Over the period of my close association with Mr. Tajuddin,I had the unique opportunity to observe him from a close range. And what I saw left me in awe and amazement.On matters of principle this man never compromised.I never saw any one who loved Bangladeshi people more than he did.Not then,not now

Interview with Nurul Qader.


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