Friends of Bangladesh

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Friends are like a bouquet of flowers with different hues and fragrances. No matter the apparent differences, a true friend will stand by his/her friend in times of crisis and lend a hand of support and comfort. As the genocide of the millions of people in Bangladesh continued by the invading military, the people of conscience from around the world stood by the suffering people and became Friends of Bangladesh. The spirit of the Bangladesh liberation movement was reflected in the actions of the friends of Bangladesh who, in support of justice and peace, crossed the borders of race, religion, culture, and nationality. We offer our deepest gratitude to these Friends of Bangladesh. Please click here for further information on Friends of Bangladesh.


   George Harrison’s benefit concert for Bangladesh, 1971


   George Harrison sang the above song,which he specially wrote

   for The  Concert for Bangladesh.


    Visit of Senator Edward Kennedy to refugee camps in India, 1971