Dr.Mizan Rahman Addresses Los Angeles Event Commemorating November 3

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Dr Mizan Rahman, adviser of Tajuddin Ahmad Foundation in Canada, was invited by California Awami League,on November 8-08 to address Jail Hotta Dibosh.

On November 3,1975, Bangladesh lost its four golden sons at the hands of the assasins. The assasins  defied the laws of the nation, all civilized norms and entered Dhaka central jail,fully armed. Syed Nazrul Islam,the acting President of the first cabinet of the Government of  People’s Republic of Bangladesh,Tajuddin Ahmad, first Prime Minister and organizer of Bangladesh liberation, Captain Mansur Ali and Abu Hena Quamruzzaman,cabinet ministers of the first government (widely known as the ‘Mujibnagar Sarkar’) were rounded up and murdered. The assasins poured several rounds of bullets on the unarmed and innocent victims. November 3, is commemorated, every year as a day of tragedy and national shame .

In a gathering of more than two hundred people, Dr.Rahman an internationally acclaimed mathematician and  a noted writer of Bangla literature, spoke about the significance of the event. In his  thought provoking lecture he raised key issues such as investing on our future by establishing institutions to promote freedom,justice and democracy and to promote the life and works of our national heores and martyrs whose ideals can still guide our younger generation. Such institutions,inspired by higher ideals, he said, will be true tributes in honoring our heroes and martyrs.

Tajuddin Ahmad: An Unsung Hero, the widely acclaimed documentary on the life and works of Tajuddin Ahmad, directed by Tanvir Mokammel,was screened following the event.