Daugther’s Tribute

A  Daughter’s Tribute of Love

This website is a tribute of eternal love for a father, Tajuddin Ahmad, who was more than life itself. My search for a father began in my teen years when we lost him from this physical dimension of existence. The pain and suffering resulting from the immense personal loss has unfolded into a world where my father’s spirit is ever alive, providing hope and guidance. Through my journey into the world as an ever-curious wanderer, I began to discover the many facets of Tajuddin Ahmad. He was not only an extraordinary leader but an honorable man on the many levels of human  relationships:  he was a worthy son, brother, husband and father; a trusted friend and caring neighbor. He lived a simple and modest life; yet his many facets were woven into a rich and colorful tapestry for celebration by those who venture to seek beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Tajuddin Ahmad , post-liberation address