Comments about tajuddin ahmad daughter

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The following comments are on article Tajuddin Ahmad: First Bangladesh Government and the Trials of the War Criminals. Written by Sharmin Ahmad. She is the eldest daughter of Tajuddin Ahmad.


What a powerful article you wrote on the genesis of our independence. It’s beautiful. It’s moving. It is also a shame that every time it has to be one or the other of the Tajuddin children who has to remind the stupid nation what a great debt they owe to the greatest leader they ever had, and yet never bothered to find out about it. How long can the children keep doing this? After they leave the scene, then what? Complete darkness? Isn’t there a single being there in that great wilderness to come forward and ask for the honor of carrying the torch in his/her hand? Are we a dead nation, or just a rotten, decomposed nation? I wonder. Anyway, congratulations for a wonderful tribute to a beautiful man who also happened to be your father.


Dr. Mizan Rahman

Ottawa, Canada

April 23,2013




Hi Sharmin,


You provided me an insight of what actually did take  place at the cross-road of the birth of Bangladesh. My eyes were tearful, my head was going down to see the firm conviction of that personality under whose direct leadership today’s Bangladesh was created. It indicated his uncompromising priniciples of rule of law and respect for justice and fair play. I love to see the reflection of his unparallel foresight  in  the soil of Bangladesh, This is my  prayer!


Thank you for giving me the link.


Hafizur Rahman , CPA

Maryland, U.S.A

April 22,2013





Excellent article. The chronology of the history of formation of First Bangladesh Government is very well articulated. Best wishes


Dr. Mahbub Uddin

Texas, U.S.A

April 20 2013





I  have read the article. It is very good as well as with more details.  Nice  comments are coming from readers. Tajuddin Ahmad was  a great human being, a spotless great politician/statesman, Bangladesh ever had. Only his children and wife will be carrying his references,nobody else.


Muzibur Rahman Khan Bulbul

Sydney, Australia

April 20. 2013