Book Review by Dr. Mizan Rahman

The following review of Tajuddin Ahmad Neta O Pita is written by Dr. Mizan Rahman, eminent writer and distinguished professor of Mathematics at Carleton university, Ottawa, Canada.

In this extraordinary piece of work Sharmin Ahmad has presented us quite a few hitherto unknown facts of the political history of Bangladesh, that are almost certainly going to raise a lot of eyebrows and not too‐few a controversy. The author herself has tried, rather deftly I thought, to remain as impartial as possible, leaving the onus of judgment on the unbiased readers, and not on the all‐too‐familiar players of power and politics. This book is going to be particularly helpful to our confused and befuddled young generation to understand why almost every dream they have for the future of their beloved country is getting crushed so relentlessly‐‐‐‐‐and why they are being subjected to a deluge of shame and national embarrassment day after day after day. “Tajuddin Ahmad: a Leader and a Father”, is a book that will present to them a clear profile of a great yet practically unknown leader, who was born in their own land, in his full glory and greatness, on one hand, and a wonderfully strong and kind‐hearted father, on the other. It is going to ignite a flame in their hungry heart, create a new zeal in their mind to carry out the task that Tajuddin was not allowed to fulfil in his own lifetime, cruelly cut short by political intrigue and violence. Tajuddin’s vision will become their own. They will be energized to get to the business of building a robust, healthy and boisterous society.

The Liberation War has been engraved in the collective memory of the Bangladeshi nation as a treasure that has no equal. And yet, inexplicably, the first time I have seen a serious attempt at a psychological explanation of the entire history of the great struggle is in this book.