Tajuddin Ahmad trust fund 2016, DU part 2

Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Trust, Dhaka University, November 1, 2016 Part 2

Students receive Tajuddin Ahmad Shanti Shorno Padok (Peace Gold Medal), scholarship and prizes and they share their feelings.
“Tajuddin Ahmad Jefferson of Bangladesh,” prize recipient shares his feelings.
তাজউদ্দীন আহমদ বাংলাদেশের জেফারসন, পুরস্কার বিজয়ী ছাত্রর মন্তব্য।


Tajuddin Ahmad trust fund 2016, DU part 1

Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Trust, Dhaka University, November 1, 2016 Part 1

Reading from the Sacred texts and Welcoming speech by Sharmin Ahmad, founder of Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Trust at Dhaka University.


Sharmin Ahmad Interview Ntv 2016

Sharmin Ahmad and professor Abul Kasem Fazlul Haques’ Interview with NTV on the contributions of the four national leaders Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmad, Mansur Ali and Qamruzzaman. 3 November, 2016.


Sharmin Ahmad 2016 Jail Killing Day by Ntv

Sharmin Ahmad, eldest daughter of Tajuddin Ahmad speaks on the infamous Jail killings of her father and his three colleagues. Together they lead the war of liberation for Bangladesh in 1971.


Tribute to Muhammad Ali

This article is my tribute to Muhammad Ali a real man of courage and conscience. I have admired Ali since I was a child. I am still mourning along with the countless millions at the loss of a man, larger than his legendary boxing, who dared to walk the talk, risked it all, in honor of truth, justice and human dignity.
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Article on Rwanda posted

I am happy to announce that my article on Rwanda has been published today, on the auspicious 57th anniversary ( April 26, 1959) of my parents, Tajuddin Ahmad and Syeda Zohra Tajuddin. They were life long partners and a formidable team against all forms of racism and bigotry of all sorts. Their entire life was dedicated in promoting love, peace and social justice. I am therefore, specially humbled and have taken to my heart that this article on Rwanda, its’ genocide and the aftermath of peace building has been published on the day of the matrimonial union of this very special couple.

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New commemorative article

In the commemorative article on 3 November (when the four  national leaders of Bangladesh were killed in prison) Sharmin Ahmad emphasizes the importance of free thinking based on rational and reasoning. She also  explores the link between spirituality and science  and the value of self realization as a necessary process to bring out the hidden Light.

Alor Pather Jatree ( Voyager on the path of Light)