July 31st, 2012,

Thanks so much Ronald Escalante and your team for  all your help and support in upgrading this website. Again, surprisingly this upgrading was completed ( not planned) on the birth month of Tajuddin Ahmad, our hero and a guiding light for Bangladesh in the past, present and future.


July 23,2008

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the following individuals.

When I conceived the vision for a website on my father and discussed it with Teri Murphy, she enthusiastically offered her full support to help build this site. She has done a superb job in transferring my vision for the lay out of the pages, structure, color themes, etc, on to the cyber space reality. Her knowledge in site building and professionalism have added richness to this site.

Frances Eddy and Suzan Iqbal have extended their whole hearted support by volunteering endless hours for this website. Frances has given invaluable editiorial service for each and every bit of text, while Suzan has contributed his superb technical skills to optimize,scan and upload numerous files and documents. Their gracious support has helped enormousely in completing this website on time.

My younger sister, Simeen Hussain (Rimi), came to my aid whenever I needed information for a specific topic. Her publication and decades of research on Tajuddin Ahmad have rendered invaluable resources for this project.

My daughter, Aumrita Choudhury, has been a great help in typing several sections of the website.

Mahbubur Rahman (Jalal), who served as a freedom fighter for Bangladesh Liberation in 1971, has enriched this website by providing the relevant Congressional Records of 1971 from his collection.

Dr.Mizan Rahman’s lucid and articulate translations of the three interviews, which he completed in a record time for this website, are part of the treasured resources to help broaden our understanding of Tajuddin Ahmad.

Mr. Albert Mondle, a young at heart octogenarian,has helped in typing the above mentioned interviews in remarkable speed and enthusiasm.

Kaniz Rahman (Shumi) has collected the “Songs of Freedom” and readily provided help whenever needed for this website.

Syed Hasan Tareq (Sonic) has provided the instrumental music by D.L. Roy which is available on the Home page.

Mansur Ali took it upon himself to transfer Tajuddin Ahmad’s speech from audio tape to CD.