Tajuddin Ahmad Poetry Tribute

A rendition to BongoTaj Tajuddin Ahmad. He was indeed a true Taj or crown for the millions of freedom seeking people.

তাজ’ নামে এক প্রান, ছোট্ট একটি দেহের খাঁচায় বন্দি হয়ে পৃথিবী দেখল কাপাসিয়ার আলো দিয়ে। কেঁদে উঠলো বাংলায় , যেন বলল আমি…

November 3, 1975

On November 3, 1975, we lost our father, Tajuddin Ahmad and his three colleagues, Syed Nazrul Islam, Mansur Ali and Qamruzzaman. Bangladesh lost her heroes. Yet they remain immortal through the legacy they left behind. We can only continue on the path they created and complete their unfinished mission to build a society based on social justice and compassion.

I am happy to share with you the video links of Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Trust Event, Dhaka University, October 8, 2017.
Daughter Sharmin Ahmad’s Greeting Message

Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Trust Fund 2017, Part 01

key note Speech by Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam, Department of English, Dhaka University, October 8, 2017
Title of Keynote speech: Itihasher Rupokar Tajuddin Ahmad

Daughter Simeen Hussain Rimi’s Speech. part 3

Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Lecture: October 8, 2017

Rupker Tajuddiin Ahmad

Itihasher Rupokar Tajuddin Ahmad( Tajuddin Ahmad Architect of History)                          

By Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam. The Department of English, Dhaka University

Audio greetings and congratulatory message by  Sharmin Ahmad (the donor and founder of Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Trust Fund)  

Essay Topic 2017 : Tajuddin Ahmad: An Extraordinary Leader, Man and Statesman

The five winners ( students of Dhaka University)  of Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Essay Contest  are:

  1. Arpita Huq, The Department of English
  2. Niranjan Bishwas, The Department of Law
  3. MD. Shofiqul Islam, The Department of Soil Science
  4. Ataur Rahman Maruf, The Department of Social Welfare and Research Institute
  5. Faridul Islam, The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

An Invitation to the Sixth Annual Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Lecture

You are cordially invited to The Sixth Annual Tajuddin Ahmad Memorial Lecture.             

Tajuddin Ahmad Peace Gold Medal ( Shanti Shorno Padok), award and prize conferring ceremony. 

Venue: The University of Dhaka, Senate bhaban Main Auditorium 
Time 4 p.m
Sunday, October 8, 2017

Keynote Speaker : Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam. The department of English, University of Dhaka

The Department of Peace and Conflict Resolution of Dhaka University proudly announces 
Adiba Sultana Meem, as the recipient of Tajuddin Ahmad Peace Gold Medal and Mahbuba Islam Meem, recipient of the Female Empowerment scholarship, 2017
The five finalists of the Essay contest will receive prizes at the ceremony. Essay Topic- Tajuddin Ahmad: Ek Ananynna Neta, Manush o Rashtro Nayok ( Tajuddin Ahmad: An Extraordinary leader, Man and Statesman)


Muktir Kandari Tajuddin

Dear Reepi – after you asked me which of the essays I liked thebest in Muktir Kandari Tajuddin, I leafed through the book again.  As all of the essays/articles are very well written and informative, it was hard for me to choose.  But I finally decided on 4 of them.  Here is the list and the reasons I chose them:

1. Sath June Choy Dofa Dibosh Sharane – it informs the reader about the drafting and the evolution of the Choy Dofa and throws insights on the inner workings with commentaries by Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed. Also, how Mr. Bhutto ran away from the proposed debate on the Choy Dofa with Sheikh Mujib.

2. Alor Pother Jatri – you tackle a very difficult subject of what happens when our body dies in a commendable way. You tie together your family’s experiences with the readings you have done on the subject.  The result is a profound and reflective experience for the reader.

3. Tajuddiner Manoshkonna – I may have mentioned before I liked this piece.  It speaks volumes about a very touching side of Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed.  That he would raise his sister’s child as a single person shows a profound sense of responsibity and affection towards Anar.  Also, Anar continued as a full member of your family when he married your mother and all of you came along. This is an extremely touching,non-political side of your father. It reflects well on all of you, especially your mother.

4. Udayer Pathe Shuni Jar Bani – Dr. Mizan Rahman’s essay touches upon different aspects of Mr. Tajuddin’s activites, character and accomplishments. Also, it reflects upon the unusual closeness Mr. Tajuddin felt towards Sheikh Mujib, his leader.  It is well researched and comes from a scholar who is not a member of your family.  It sheds an independent viewpoint. 

Wajeda Rab


Potomac, Maryland.  

Essay Contest 2017 – Tajuddin Ahmad extraordinary leader, man and statesman.

The yearly essay contest organized by Dhaka University and Peace and Conflict Studies department on the life and works of Tajuddin Ahmad have attracted students from various departments. Their enthusiadtic participation and spirit to delve deeper into history have been inspirational. Attached is the picture of the poster-announcement of the contest.
Theme: Tajuddin Ahmad: Extraordinary leader, man and stateman.

Bongo Taj Tajuddin Ahmad birthday

Today July 23, 2017  is  Bongo Taj Tajuddin Ahmad birthday.

If he were alive he would have been 92 years today. He left this world at mere age fifty while earning  a life time achievement, that is to liberate his beloved country  Bangladesh in 1971.  Hope the new generation  will learn from his examples and pursue truth, honesty,  knowledge and humility.